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In Remembrance

Ms. Wanda Kennedy, A.A.E. C.A.E. (1945-2024) Airport Manager (1993-2007)
Wanda Kennedy, A.A.E./CAE of Fairfield, CA passed away on March 7th after an illness at 78 years old. Ms. Kennedy was a career airport management professional. Her first airport management role was at the City of Visalia Airport, where the pilot community was unsure of women in airport management. Wanda had a knack for winning people over. Within a few months, they wouldn’t have had it any other way. She completed the new GA terminal for the airport, but soon left for Oregon Department of Aviation to be an airport planner. She quickly rose to be the Assistant State Aviation Director in 1990 and then Director a few months later. The office oversaw over 20 state owned general aviation airports. Wanda served as Director for over three years before returning to California in 1993.

Upon her return to California, she took the role as Airport Manager for Napa County. The major change during her tenure there was the continued expansion of a large pilot training academy for Japan Airlines. She completed additional studies to become certified by the Southwest Chapter American Association of Airport Executives and accredited by the national American Association of Airport Executives. Wanda also became a pilot herself and used the aircraft to travel in the western states. She retired from aviation in 2007 to fly recreationally, travel, and enjoy retirement in Fairfield, California.

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