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SWAAAE Supports Members on Path to Accreditation!

SWAAAE actively participates in AAAE’s Certified Member (C.M.) and Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.) programs and encourages chapter members to pursue professional development opportunities offered via these programs.

Accreditation Program Scholarships - 
SWAAAE's Scholarships Page 
Two Professional Accreditation Scholarships are awarded annually in the amount of $2,000 each to SWAAAE members who are and enrolled in the AAAE Professional Accreditation Program or the AAAE Certification Program. Recipients may attend either the AAAE Accreditation Research Paper Workshop or the AAAE Accreditation/Certification Academy Written Exam Review. The scholarship application can be downloaded on the scholarship page of this website.


The Chapter values accreditation and upon successful completion of the accreditation process, the chapter awards a stipend of $500 to each new A.A.E. who has been a chapter member for the previous 24 months.


Program Events
There are a number of accreditation events and workshops that occur throughout the year to assist candidates in achieving C.M. and A.A.E. designations:

South Central AAAE Loretta Scott Accreditation/Certification Academy:
Presented by the South Central Chapter, this weeklong academy is an intensive review of the Body of Knowledge modules in preparation for taking the written examination on the final day of the academy. Chapter members may apply for scholarships to attend this event. 

Next available: 
Visit AAAE's Meeting Calendar for upcoming dates.

Final Interview Workshop:
SWAAAE hosts the Final Interview Workshop twice annually. This all-day workshop is open to Executive Candidates from all chapters and is a must for members who have completed the first two phases of the accreditation process and are preparing for the final interview. The workshop provides a comprehensive look at the final step required to become an Accredited Airport Executive and offers a wealth of insight and strategy for successfully completing the Final Interview. The workshop features a "mock panel” and hands-on practice during the afternoon session.

Next available: January 2019 in conjunction with the 2019 SWAAAE Airport Management Short Course.

Southwest Chapter AAAE Airport Management Short Course:
Proctoring for the written examination, the Final Interview Workshop, and Final Interviews will be offered prior to the commencement of the conference.


Scheduling Final Interviews
Final interviews are typically conducted for chapter members at the annual Airport Management Short Course (Winter Conference) held each January in Monterey, California, and at the SWAAAE Summer Conference. Final interviews may also be scheduled for the F. Russell Hoyt National Airports Conference and the AAAE Annual Conference and Exposition. Final interviews may also be conducted at the candidate’s airport or other location by making arrangements with the Regional Examiner. To schedule a final interview, Executive Candidates should contact the Regional Examiner no later than twelve weeks prior to the interview date


Contact Your Regional Examiner
Your regional examiner is available to discuss the accreditation program, schedule your final interview, assist you in preparing for the final interview, and to answer questions about other aspects of the certification and accreditation programs.

Nyle S. Marmion, A.A.E.
Program Manager, Terminals & Tenants Department
San Diego International Airport
3225 N. Harbor Dr.
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 400-2580

Complete information on the Certification and Accreditation programs is available on the 
AAAE website.


Kerry L. Ahearn, A.A.E. 
John M. Aitken, A.A.E. 
Bonnie A. Allin, A.A.E.
Mario R. Alonzo, A.A.E.
Sylvia P. Ambrogio, A.A.E.
Timothy A. Bannon, A.A.E.
Rosemary P. Barnes, A.A.E.
Daniel P. Bartholomew, A.A.E., ACE, AICP, GISP
James E. Bennett, A.A.E. 
Danette Bewley, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Anthony R. Bianchi, A.A.E.
Alice Bimrose, A.A.E.
Rosalyn Bond, A.A.E.
Philip M. D'Acri, A.A.E.
David B. Decoteau, A.A.E.,ACE
Sarah J. Demory, A.A.E., ACE
John K. Duval, A.A.E., ACE
Ronald K. Elliott, A.A.E. 
Kim A. Ellis, A.A.E.
Ed Faron, A.A.E.
Walter L. Fix, A.A.E.
Kelly J. Fredricks, A.A.E., P.E.
Keith R. Freitas, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Bryant W. Garrett, A.A.E.
Mark B. Gibbs, A.A.E.
Rebecca Godley, A.A.E.
Bradley A. Hagen, A.A.E.
Bonnie L. Hankins, A.A.E.
Leander Hauri, A.A.E.
Barney E. Helmick, A.A.E. 
Tim Ihle, A.A.E.
Hazel M. Johns, A.A.E.
Dustin Leno, A.A.E.
Scott C. Malta, A.A.E.
Jennifer L. Maples, A.A.E., ACE
Nyle S. Marmion, A.A.E.
Todd L. McNamee, A.A.E.
Sarah Meadows, A.A.E.
Frank R. Miller, A.A.E.
Kenneth G. Moen, A.A.E., ACE
Marily M. Mora, A.A.E.
Michael A. Musca, A.A.E., CPM
Thomas P. Nolan, A.A.E. 
Corinne C. Nystrom, A.A.E. 
J. Brian O'Neill, A.A.E.
Martin J. Pehl, A.A.E.
James D. Petty, A.A.E.
Eric R. Podnieks, A.A.E.
Rodney N. Propst, A.A.E.
Wayne J. Reiter, A.A.E., ACE
Ramil M. Rivera, A.A.E., ACE, IACE
Jess L. Romo, A.A.E.
Barry A. Rondinella, A.A.E.
Judy M. Ross, A.A.E
Jorge E. Rubio, A.A.E.
Dean E. Schultz, A.A.E.
Robert B. Schultz, A.A.E. 
Michael R. Scott, A.A.E.
Brent S. Shiner, A.A.E.
Michael J. Smejkal, A.A.E.
Alex Smith, A.A.E.
Kevin D. Smith, A.A.E.
Jon G. Stout, A.A.E.
Rodney E. Thompson, A.A.E.
Sheri L. Thompson-Duarte, A.A.E., ACE
Daniel T. Weber, A.A.E.
L. Clint Welch, A.A.E. 
Tracy L. Williams, A.A.E.