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7/22/2018 » 7/25/2018
72nd Annual SWAAAE Summer Conference

Documents for Board Approval
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Summary of Proposed SWAAAE Bylaw and Policy Decision Changes
Prepared for the Electronic Vote by the Board of Directors 
January 2018

To fulfill the responsibilities of the 2nd VP to maintain the Bylaws and Policy Decisions, and in response to the President’s stated goal to improve succession planning efforts both within the chapter and for representation at the national level, this report summarizes recommended changes to the chapter’s governing documents for the Board’s consideration. These recommendations have been reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee, as amended.

If approved by the Board, the specific changes to the Bylaws (Attachment A) and Policy Decisions (Attachment B), inclusive of what is explained in this summary as well as other minor format, grammatical, and punctuation corrections, will be published to the General Membership a minimum of 14 days in advance of the vote at the General Membership meeting on January 30, 2018. The Committee members are 2nd VP Maples as chair, 1st VP Hudson, and Director Ross.

All proposed language changes and additions are below in red.

Development of our future leaders through committee involvement is an effective contribution to succession planning. Beyond serving on a committee, ensuring opportunities to chair a committee are in place will further enhance succession planning efforts. To this end, establishing vice chairs for committees where possible will increase chances for advancement, improve efficiencies of identifying future chairs, create continuity and redundancy in committee leadership, and improve the likelihood of success for chairs in their respective roles.

However, in reviewing the existing bylaws, it became apparent that changes would be cumbersome to enact without extensive rewriting of the bylaws. This prompted a review of AAAE’s and the other chapters’ bylaws regarding committee involvement and leadership, which revealed a significant departure by our chapter from the norm. The other 5 chapters and AAAE are all very brief and succinct when it comes to committees, as provided in Attachment C. Sometime in the past, the SW Chapter chose to itemize committees in the bylaws with extensive detail. Reasons for this departure are unknown.

Another challenge the chapter currently faces is the lack of a clear process for identifying and preparing future leaders at the national level. This is in part due to relatively recent change in representation on the national nominating committee. Previously, institutional knowledge of the individual representative was the source of information rather than documentation of requirements and processes which is now noticeably lacking.


1. Considering the chapter’s efforts to be transparent and consistent with our parent and peer organizations, the first recommendation is to remove more than 3 pages of committee detail from the bylaws (current Bylaws, pages 18-23, Article XI, Sections 2 and 4) replacing it with general language similar to that of our sister chapters as follows: 

Bylaws, Insert into Article XI – COMMITTEES
Section 2. Standing Committees.

In addition to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, there shall be such standing committees, panels, or representatives, which shall be appointed and subject to supervision by the President or his/her designee. They shall perform the duties enumerated for them by the President, Executive Committee, and/or Board of Directors, and such additional duties as may be required.

The detail will instead be placed within the Procedures Manual and will include integration of a Vice Chair where applicable. This will enable consistency amongst chapters as well as flexibility for ongoing chapter management.

2. The second recommendation is to consolidate some committees where there is a logic to do so. These timely changes reflect the need to fill additional roles (both chair and vice chair where previously there was only the chair), as well as current chapter goals. The committees to be combined are: 1) Bylaws and Policies & Procedures; 2) Awards and Resolutions & Recognition; 3) Credentials and Historical. 

3. The third recommendation is to add a Policy Decision concerning viability of the Technology committee and its leadership beyond the other recommended changes. This is due in large part to the “working nature” of this committee, and the sizable investment the chapter has made in our equipment and management of our online presence for the benefit of our membership.

Add Policy Decision 18-18
The General Membership of the Chapter, on January 30, 2018, affirmed the Chapter’s Technology Services add significant value for members, especially during conferences. To sustain this program, each year the Chapter shall budget and pay for both the Technology Chair and Vice Chair to attend each of the two conferences. This includes full conference registration, standard single-occupancy hotel room at the conference hotel, and reimbursement of up to $250 for other approved travel expenses. Conference Registration excludes guests and any special events which require payment of additional fees.

4. The forth recommendation is to add general succession planning language to the Bylaws and to enhance the Policy Decision regarding diversity as shown below.

Bylaws, Insert into Article XI – COMMITTEES
Section 3. Committee Leadership and Succession Planning
For the purposes of succession planning within the chapter, except as otherwise specified in these Bylaws, Committee Chairs will identify a Vice Chair for approval by the President or Executive Committee as defined in the Chapter Procedures Manual. The Vice Chair of each committee shall be appointed as such with the intention of being appointed the Chair in subsequent years, where applicable, the requirements and terms of which are identified in the Chapter Procedures Manual and as amended from time to time.

Policy Decisions, Amend PD 18-12
The General Membership of the Chapter, on January 30, 2018, reaffirmed a policy that encourages all Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs to strive for diversity in the makeup of their committee leadership and membership, and to actively support and encourage chapter succession planning through these efforts. SWAAAE values diversity, not only in race, color, creed, ethnic background, religion, political party, age, gender, or disability, but also as it relates to educational background, career level, employment classification and organizational size.

5. The fifth recommendation is to add language to the Bylaws and Policy Decisions regarding service and representation at the national level, including itemization of requirements as well as preferred experience and characteristics as provided below. 

Bylaws, Insert into Article IX – AAAE Representation, Section 1. Board of Directors
The Nominating Committee shall adhere to the minimum requirements as outlined in the AAAE Bylaws and other applicable governing documents when considering candidates for any AAAE Representative position. The Nominating Committee shall also weigh additional desired experience or qualifications as provided in the SWAAAE Policy Decisions and Procedures Manual when considering candidates for nomination in any elected AAAE Representative position.

Bylaws, Amend within Article IX – AAAE Representation
Section 2. Board of Examiners and other Committees.
When applicable, the President shall solicit interest from members and, in conjunction with the chair of the Nominating Committee, propose to the Chapter’s Board of Directors the names of two (2) or more qualified members to be confirmed as the Chapter’s recommendations for the AAAE Board of Examiners. Similarly, any national committee participation where the individual expressly represents the Chapter shall adhere to the same process.

Add Policy Decision 18-19
The General Membership of the Chapter, on January 30, 2018, affirmed the Chapter’s desire to develop and maintain a succession plan for national leadership roles and representation, and to actively strive to develop and promote multiple potential representatives at the national level whenever possible, including that of candidates for Secretary/Treasurer, Board Member(s), the Board of Examiners, and Committee Member(s) where the individual expressly represents the chapter. The criteria listed below shall serve as guidance for identification of eligible members for consideration.

A. For all AAAE leadership roles or representation:

1. As specified in the current approved version of the AAAE Bylaws, as applicable;
2. Well-respected in the industry;
3. Exhibits desirable leadership traits;
4. Actively involved in the chapter;
5. Letter of support from his/her employer.

B. For nomination as the Secretary/Treasurer, the following additional desired experience has traditionally been considered:

1. Served as Chapter President;
2. Chaired the National Airports Conference.

C. For nomination as a Board Member, service as a Chapter Board Member is desired and has traditionally been considered.

D. For nomination to the Board of Examiners, experience as an Accreditation mentor and/or on Final Interview Panels is desired and has traditionally been considered.


The Bylaws and Policies & Procedures Committee(s) recommend the forgoing changes to the governing documents be approved by the SWAAAE Board, and published in advance of a vote of the General Membership during the January 30, 2018 General Membership meeting in Monterey, CA.